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Thinking about switching to Mac. Shoud I? Tell me about them.?

I'm looking at the Mac Pro. Is it worth the money?

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  • Elana
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    Yes, it is worth the money. Here

    is a comparison:

    Lower cost of ownership

    Better resale value More reliable

    (For all kinds of

    design reasons)

    Less viri prone

    (again, for all kinds of design reasons)

    Better designed user interface

    Better aggregate performance on same

    CPU and RAM

    Using VMWare, can run Windows in a virtual



    Initially more expensive to purchase.

    The cost of owning one over time is

    substantially less than Windows.

    I don't give Windows boxes to my family

    simply because I don't want to have to

    administer them. My family is capable

    of administering their own Macs.

    If you have some card that only has

    drivers for Windows, you can probably

    put it in a Intel Mac but you'll end up

    "boot camp" booting Windows on it.

    Otherwise, you can do everything under

    MacOS including run Windows under a

    virtual machine.

    In reality, with OpenOffice, I very

    rarely ever end up going near Windows

    for my own use ... only to support

    other poor shlubs who have gotten viri

    or some other windows malignancy.

    I would also note that, of the

    people who have extensively used both

    operating systems, I have NEVER seen

    them select Windows for their own OS.


    Source(s): 30 years of network administration experience using Macs, Windows and lots of other OSs.
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    I've used both Windows and Mac, and I choose Windows for my own system. So while you (Elana) havn't seen me do this, you've now atleast heard of someone who has used both and choose Windows.

    Certin things I would add, Macs are more stylish (I looked at the Apple page for Lepord, and it looks quite nice). But for people who mostly use PCs, Mac interface might be weird (I love how someone will claim that it's a lie and that everybody who uses PC and tries Mac will find the interface normal). Also, I'm gonna disagree on the higher cost of ownership for PCs over Macs, unless they can justify their statment. I personally don't see how they're anymore expensive to maintain. You'll need some anti-virus software that you'll have to update every once in a while, that's all I can think of. And the initial cost difference more than makes up for that. Macs also have many compatability issues with software, though admittedly, if you're not planning on playing games or programming, or using any small scale applications that you might find online (all those free applications you download), then you can get alternatives (though they are sometimes more expensive) for everything else.

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    Lower cost of ownership=not upgradable.

    Easier interface=user's taste.

    More expensive=understatement.

    More stylish=depends where you get it.

    Better peformance per CPU, RAM=bullcrap, and you'll pay through the nose to get that equal performance, and you won't be able to upgrade.

    Better resale=true, but do you really want to sell so soon, so why does this matter?

    Less viruses=not that many Macs, so less targeted, when the Mac fad hits full stream people will realize they are just as safe as PC's.

    My last one sums it up, Macs are fads, overexpensive, underabilitied, not upgradable toys that have only caught on because the Apple brand hit another overblown success with the iPod. If you want to be cool, go with Mac, if you want to be smart and powerful, go with the PC.

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    well, they really aren't worth the money, unless you are using video software or someting.

    basically you will need to learn the new operating system, but it's not all that hard (wait for OSX 10.5 to release first.)

    oyu still need antivirus, yes macs do get viruses

    (there are more viruses for windows because they are 95% of the market., if your a hacker/exploiter what would you attack? 5% or 95%)

    anyways. they are build a bit better (laptops), but are expensive to buty and fix

    also, no support for many games.

    hope this helps.

    Source(s): use both macs and windows pc's
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    do not buy a mac at all. say for instance you want another gig of ram. you have to take it to the apple store and pay for them to put it in and so fourth. when if you build your own or buy a computer in stores, you can do it yourself if you know what youre doing.

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