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Does Sexual Prowress Play A Role In the Dating World???

Should it???

For instance.... I happen to like to be "dominated" in the bedroom, so some guy who wants me to tie him up and spank him would definately not work for me!!! :) I'd be like - oh ewwwwww!

The other way around works quite nicely though, lol.....

In all seriousness, should that even play a part in the decision to further the relationship???

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    Some girls are quite happy to 'switch' - ie spank or be spanked - but most girls I know with a taste for being spanked in the bedroom wouldn't want a guy who likes to be dominated. So what you prefer isn't at all unusual.

    And I'd say that, yes, if that's a key element in your sexuality you should definitely seek out a compatible partner, otherwise you'll always feel unsatisfied. Be true to yourself - it's a good principle.

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    When you find a suitable partner,most definitely. Whatever your sexual fantasy is.Just do it,how else can you reach satisfaction

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    it plays a part for me but i'm 34 and still alone, so i don't know if that's been such a good idea.

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