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Does anyone know where to get rune is there a shop to buy it at thanks, please respond.

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    There seems to be a little confusion as to whether or not you are referring to runes or rune armor. I'll post both on here, and if you specify which you are looking for in additional details, I'll delete the unnecessary half of my answer.

    Rune armor is sold by Oziach in Edgeville, as well as by Scavvo in the Champions Guild. However, these prices are much too high. If you were to go to the West Varrock Bank in worlds 1, 3, 4, and 5, you can get platebodies for 20k off, as well as platelegs and plateskirts at 10k off. Full rune is also available around here at around 180k.

    Runes can be easily bought in Aubury's shop south of the East Varrock Bank, and Betty's shop at the northwest corner of Port Sarim. Any runes not available here can be bought from other users, also in West Varrock Bank in worlds 1, 3, 4, and 5.

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    You have to complete the dragon slayer quest before you can wear full rune armour, if you have, you can visit Oziach in Edgeville, just northwest of the bank there, before the wilderness area.

    You can also buy the rune legs from the Champions Guild.

    Failing that, you can often buy full rune from other players, average price for full rune with full helmet, plate, legs and shield is 200k.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a runescaper for about 2 years now.
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    Buying rune from the shop is often a rip off..If you went to world 1 and tried to buy full rune u can get for 170k But from the shops lots of traviling but when u go to all shops and buy you will spent over 200k

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    Do not buy runes or rune armor from stores. Buy them from other players. If your F2P, or dont pay to play, you should go to world 1 or 3, and head to the west bank in varrock. You should see some good deals after you check the prices of the runes you wanr (or the armor) here --> . If your a member, you wouldnt be asking this, so I wont explain it ;).

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    You can get runes for free without shopping. U konw this place call Lumbridge right??? Well u go there or teleport there and on the minimap you will see an icon that looks like this ?. Click on that and it will take you to these people u will see a girl probaly dressed in light blue holding a staff. Click on her. And read what she said. After dat right click on her and select claim mage instrutor or watever it says. Then you will i think you will get a staff for free. But im sure u'll get runes. After u have usen up all of ur runes. Go back to her again and click on her and Select Claim again. Trust me.

    Source(s): Runescape Rox!!!!!! yOU CAN ALSO BUY RUNES @ Varrock. If you see an icon that looks like a fire or flame then its the rune shop. Best answer if it helps!!!!! plz?????
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    champions guild sells rune chainbody rune pl8legs mace long sword if u have done dragon slayer oziach near edgeville he sells pl8 body

    if you are a member in relleka if you have done the frenimik trails quest you can buy the warhammer if its in stock u add me ill get you some stuff questman258 im usually on

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    You can get rune pl8 from oziach in edgeville after you complete dragon slayer. You can get the chainmail and legs in the Champion's Guild south of the pass between varrock and the barbarian village

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  • usually you make it or buy from player but a guy named oziach sells rune chain mail hes in dragon slayer quest.maybe champion guild

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    Oziach, Skavvo, also the blast furnace. But nobody sells them there. You can also use the forums or world 2 or any other marketing world.

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