Doesnt This part of the New Testament remind you alot of certain people we encounter today?

Remember when you read the gospels. The ones that spoke about the life of Jesus, what he stood for, the miracles he performed, the challenges he encountered, and the pesky Pharisees whom he spend a whole lota time debating and teaching. I remember reading how Jesus saw the Pharisees as people cought up in teaching and preaching the law but their hearts where empty. They did not know God. They spend their time believing themselves self righteous and becouse in their feable minds they believed they were serving God they thougth they had the right to. I also remember how Jesus put them on their spot. How he tought them that God must be experienced with the heart and not the mouth. I remember jesus spending most of his time going against these self righteous man who were leading people astray.

Now I see alot of right wing christians doing the same thing these pharisees were but they still dont realize it. Maybe thats why jesus must return. To teach them a lesson!

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    Absolutely! You know, this is the fourth post of yours that I've answered. You're a pretty smart guy!

    Most "Christians" today take a general pleasure of sitting in judgment over others. They feel they are blessed with God's Grace and they are part of an exclusive club that will not let anyone unworthy receive the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. It's sickening and it's so anti-Christian it's not even funny.

    Remember the alduterous woman? It was the Pharisees who wanted to see her dead. They screamed and shouted horrible things at her as they drug her into the street and prepared to stone her. But Christ stepped forward and stopped them. He said, "He without sin may cast the first stone." This was meant to remind the holier-than-thou Pharisees that they were not in any position to judge anyone. Everyone is guilty of sin... you, me, your pastor and the Pope. No man is without blame.

    Now, instead of casting adulterous women into the streets, the modern-day Pharisees throw stones at homosexuals. They throw stones at pregnant teenagers every time they opt for a picket sign instead of a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a home to support them and their unborn children. They do not love these people the way Christ loves them. They are filled with hate. They are hypocrites. They make God throw up. And I can back that last one through the Scriptures.

    What will happen to these people is sad. The Bible speaks about those who have spent a lifetime crying "Lord! Lord!" who will be told, "Depart from Me, for I do not know you." They have spent their entire life thinking they are servants of God. Something very evil has actually fooled them into hating their fellow man and thinking they're doing God's will through their hatred.

    My suggestion to you is that you pray for them and keep on doing what you're doing. I wish there were more Christians out there like you. You're one of the few who gets it right!

    Source(s): It's not a source, but I highly reccommend that you read C. S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" if you haven't already.
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    Actually that's another load of Christian bull.

    The Pharisees were the common people's representatives. They were the ones who tried to take care of the poor and the widows, they were the ones who tried to keep society equal for all, and they were compassionate and kind. They were very righteous people.

    It was the Saducees who were the rich man's representatives, who didn't care about the common people at all (much like the Republicans today) and taxed the people to death. They lined their pockets with money from the rich and then made laws to help the rich and screw the poor. They were also traitors and spied for the Romans, etc.

    As always, ask a Jew if you want to know the truth about OUR ancestral history, because Christianity usually teaches exactly the opposite in order to make what is good, appear evil among any Jewish tradition or Jewish community.

    Today, we know that there are actually no descendents of the Saducees left. They all died out, which was fitting for what they did that brought so much suffering to the Jewish people.

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    Keep in mind it's the left wing and the right wing, Jesus criticized both Pharisees and Saddusees along with the Scribes and Herodians.

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    Yep... Although I am having a quick restructure of how I approach this now due to the teaching in Day 21 of the Purpose Driven life by Rick Warren.

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    you could hint all of it returned to one guy. Saul of Tarsus who in no way spent a million 2d with Jesus yet claimed to talk for him. Jesus discovered from the Essene (and particular journeys to the some distance east) and taught the Gnostic way. Mary Magdalene persevered his artwork in Egypt without Roman interference because of the fact they saved a low profile. After St Paul took over the main project the non secular circulate very actually went to HELL.

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    while i think you are being a l ittle over dramatic, i can understand some of what you are saying. when i was in rome at the basicilla of st mary major there were all these vendors and selling carts outside the church. it reminded me of the selling in the temple when Jesus had His burst of anger. thankfully they were gone when we left because it really bothered me. i don't mind a small gift shop with articles of faith and learning but NOT vendors selling their souvinere wares and such.

    thankfully only God can judge what[s in a person's heart.

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    I also recall Jesus calling sin sin in the bible. Don't forget that part. He didn't walk on eggshells for anyone.

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    and these so called "Christians" think their going to heaven.

    Judging people...

    FORCEING their Religion* on everyone...

    Being self righteous...

    * In my opinion if a religion is "FORCED" it must be a CULT.

    True Christianity is NOT FORCED on ANYONE and are OPEN MINDED people.

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    Jesus would abhor what christianity has become.

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    1 decade ago

    i agree

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