my first car is going to be a MINIVAN!! EW?

so my parents want to get a new car like right now and the problem is in only 10 days i am taking my behind the wheel license test. and then if i do get my license i have to drive our minivan.

i talked to my mom and when i complained about how embarassing its going to be, she said i should be glad that im getting a car and that im acting like a spoiled kid.

i dont mind having an old car thats ugly or anything but a minivan?!?!?!.

what should i do???

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    OK, you can look on the positive side: if you can drive a big boat of a mini-van, any car you drive afterward will feel like a sports car.

    Also, you pack a lot of friends in a mini-van. Imagine going to the beach or camping with your buddies and all the gear you can bring along! Scooby-Doo and the gang had a great time with their Mystery Van. (And you should tell this one to your parents -- (-: they may re-think the whole mini-van thing pretty quickly!)

    OK, you still don't want a mini-van? Well, you'll be 16 soon, so get a job and earn the car of your dreams -- or at least one you can afford. You will be a full-fledged adult soon, so you don't have to be limited by your parents -- but you can't rely on your parents to satisfy every expensive desire you have.

    (-: I bet you hate this advice, but that's the way the real world works -- either think positively, or get busy and change the world through your own efforts. Good luck! You can do it!

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    I was given my first car. Later when I saved enough money I bought my own car, and gave my parents back the car they gave me. They were against it for a while but I guess I showed enough responsibility to pay for and maintain my own car.

    I also don't think it's a good idea to let a new driver load up a mini van full of friends. Can you imagine the all the distractions in a minivan full of teenagers?

    Aren't there limits as to how many people a new driver can have in a car?

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    You sound just like I did when I turned 16. I actually got a minivan for my first car and I hated it. My parents told me the exact same thing--"You should be lucky you even got a car". It was a 1994 maroon Pontiac minivan and it wasn't in the best shape. I was so embarrassed to drive it but I had a job and school and I would rather drive a van then walk. A few months later, me and my friends got together one day and tore out the middle sets of seats and replaced it with a futon mattress. Then I bought a stick-on black light and hung it up in the back seat. Before you knew it, all of my friends were always wanting to ride and law down in my backseat. I ended up falling in love with my car and taking it to the drive in movie theaters all the time. My van eventually wore out and broke down, and I literally cried. I was so attached to that car, and I will never forget all the good times I had in it.

    Don't be embarrassed, just make the best out of it. Pimp it out in your own way, and your friends will begin to really like it as well. Good luck!!

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    ok dont panic minivans may be... ugly or what not but cmon i walk everywere and it sucks... also if your parrents would let you, you could make that van anything you want it to be.

    Just add some money and viola!

    I once saw a windstar with 18" alloy rims, aftermarket exaughsts, bucket seats, body kit, and racing wheel. Not to mention lowerd with a wing in the back.

    My point is you can take what you get and make it what you want, you dont even have to spend money on it =D

    another option would be to keep the van and save money up for another car, asuming your not paying for this one. I have to buy my car wich is why i dont have one. most of my friends are the same way. Sure we have the option of what we want but we wont get it till we get money...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You'll be the most popular person at school. with a minivan you can pack all sorts of "stuff" into it and go to the beach, or on picnics, rallys will be fun for you ,as you can take all the stuff. everyone will want to get your HELP. imagine all the kids that will fit into a minivan.... Just remember drive safely and don't do anything silly, like drink and drive or speed.

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    My first car was a 1963 MG with the engine in the trunk. If it runs and drives get a job earn money and show the parential units you can take that Mini Van delever pizzas and papers to buy your self a 2000 320i BMW nex year and a 2005 M-3 Bmw after that! then get Married have kids and Mercedes R class Mini Van again!

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    I'm sorry, when I got my license my parents couldn't afford to buy me a car. I borrowed their car which was an 86' Buick Century. What you could do is drive the mini van around. Get a job, part time, start saving your money so you can get something that's not so uncool to something that is cool. It'll definately take some time to get your money saved. Took me all summer to save $3000 to buy my second car. My friend had to drive her parents ugly van around until she could afford to buy a car. Her first car she bought was an 83-84 Honda Prelude.

  • Mark A
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    1 decade ago

    First...get over it as your not having to fork out any money for it!! Second, if it is really ugly, maybe the parents would help you to get it re-painted in a more up-to-date fun color. Maaco could probably do it for $500-$700 dollars. Finally, be careful, about 70% of new drivers will whack their vehicle before they turn 18!! Best of luck on your test!

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    shut up and drive the van.

    look at the positives. there is plenty of room for bumpin uglies in the back, a big stereo, maybe a tv or two.

    you are acting like a spoiled kid. get over yourself. none of the kids at school with the new bmw are any better than you are, and in fact, they are being set up for disappointment when the benz that daddy bought breaks down and they can only afford a 76 toyota corona station wagon. or worse. get over it. you'll be fine, sally.

    Source(s): graduate course work, school of hard knocks
  • Kyle H
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    1 decade ago

    Be happy that you get a vehicle to drive. Alot of people's parents wont let them drive their vehicles, the kids have to buy a car themselves.

    Don't be so god damn snotty and spoiled. You are what gives teenaged girls a bad name.

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