sexual abuse councelor?

where can I find a councelor in the UK to talk to about sexual abuse. I was abused and am now ready to get help.

All answers appreciated x

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey Mark,

    It's reallyexciting that you are seeking help for your sexual abuse!

    So many guys wait so long to deal with it...

    I'm not sure how to actually find a therapist in the UK but if you go to you should be able to find some resources. I know there are a bunch of guys from the UK on the site and at the very least if you post this question on the discussion board you will surely have an answer by this evening. There is a "find a therapist" feature on the site, however none of the therapists from the UK have registered so the UK isn't listed as an option.

    The most important thing however is to find a therapist trained in male sexual abuse. so please read this article called "A consumer's guide to therapist shopping"

    There is great news for you however! If you were anything like me, you would walk around wondering what it's like to be happy or maybe you would look out your window and wonder what it would be like to be normal.

    You are not alone.

    It took me years to figure out the pain I was suffering was from the abuse, and like so many men I would say, "Yeah, that happened when I was a kid but I'm fine."

    Well after deciding I needed help (and that's the toughest part!) I've finally found the happiness I was seeking.

    And if I can do it anyone can!

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    not sure about in the UK but here i went to a preacher and talked to him most preachers have to take classes to deal with stuff like this. and they are usually free or do it for donations. im srry this happened to you but you will make it i am a survivor and you are too good luck and it will help to talk to someone..

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