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This Is Really Annoying...?

All the time I get urges to do something, like for instance I was on Y!A and I HAD to touch all 4 corners of my screen, I tried not to but then I don't feel right. It's really annoying, whats wrong with me? and how can I stop it?

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    Maybe a slight case of obsessive compulsive disorder. Millions have it.

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    It sounds like OCD...NONE of us are doctors though, not even Eskimo up there, but this sounds like something that you need to check into w\ a doctor. Good luck.

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    It does sound like OCD. If you read up on this, you may find you recognize many more symptoms and more importantly, treatments.

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    OCD. Check it out on webMD. For syptoms and treatments.

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    its called being one ever said you had to act like a robot all of the don't have OCD...people nowadays think any behaviour is the symptom of a mental don't have OCD...our society has OCD

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