38 weeks pregnant and have green discharge?

I started to get lots of green discharge after a pelvic exam that i got today.has this happened to anyone before?


yes my doctor was wearing gloves so I dont think it bacteria what else can it be? and my doctors office is close and i will have to wait till tomorrow.

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  • kjay
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    1 decade ago
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    It wouldn't be that your waters are stained from mecunoim or whatever its called - when the baby does a number two inside. My midwife told me that if that happens, when your waters break they can have a green tinge, so perhaps thats it? I wonder particularly as youve just had an exam weather that could be it - could just be your forewaters. either way, get to your doctors asap to put your mind at ease.

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    Green discharge is a sign of an infection. Bacterial infections aren't uncommon, but you do need an exam & antibiotics to treat it if it is an infection. I'd suggest calling your doctors office, telling them your symptoms & ask for an appointment to diagnois the discharge.

    Saw your edit...

    You wouldn't have just gotten an infection from the exam or gloves or even no gloves. The exam could have just triggered the symptoms showing. Either way, the doctor needs to take a culture of the discharge to find out exactly what this is.

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    That almost sounds like your water broke and there's meconioum in the fluid. Call your doctor or clinic or whatever right away. Or go to the ER.

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    Green? That doesn't sound right. Call your clinic ASAP. If it is after hours, they will have an answering service and a doc will call you back.

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  • 1 decade ago

    wow did the doctor wear gloves or wash his hands? You have a bacterial infection. you need a prescription, don't ignore it, it can cause complications if left untreated.

  • 1 decade ago

    if your having green discharge, you most likely have an infection, like a yeast infection.

  • Vic.r
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    1 decade ago

    green??? a.s.a.p go to your gyno!

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