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Will i have skin cancer? Read below?

im under 17 and i've been tanning around 20 times in a tanning bed. i've only had about 3 bad sunburns and i don't tan regularly(or at all because i have a summer job) anymore. will i get skin cancer if i use a moisterizer with spf 15 in it?

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    it doesnt matter how many times youve gotten sunburns. a tan causes just as much damage to your skin as a burn. if u have a family history of skin cancer then go to your doctor and see if you are at risk.

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    Don't use the low SPF 45 is better. Check yourself and if you have ANY moles that you didn't think you had BEFORE you started tanning tell a parent and go to the doctor. If your family has a history of skin cancer talk o your parents and doctor about it.

    I DO NOT at all sugest uing spray tan tanning beds or anything that isn't a nice and natural tan.

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    Stay away from the tanning and the tanning beds!!What is more important-your life? or brown skin? Be happy with the skin you were born in, it part of what makes! You are a perfect candidate for skin cancer, my brother in law passed away from melenoma at the age of 44, he always had a suntan-I wish he would of listened

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    you never know, but i would stop tanning. tanning is soooooooooo dangerous. so, no matter how big the spf number is, you should rarely tan in a tanning bed, lying on the beach tanning is less dangerous

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    go pick up this months issue of seventeen magazine

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