What chants can I do to bring me closer to mother goddess?

I don't have any colored candles, chalk, sand, or daggers.

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    You don't need candles, chalk, sand or an athame to feel and be close to Her.

    You can if you want to.

    I burn black candles and say the One Hundred Names of Kali for protection. I beleive She is the Divine Mother. I like to write my own chants and prayers.

    If you don't have any of the items you listed, then go outside and meditate, or make up your own chant. I feel its most important to give Her your own best effort.

    I find just being outside or with my family is a prayer in itself.

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    Blessed be, you go Ariel! The Goddess is in everything, respect women, respect the earth, love the feminine within yourself. If you feel pulled to the heart of mother Goddess, then just speak to her as you would anyone else, but with reverence. Follow your heart to find your true path and ignore the naysayers.

  • You dont need chants! Just respect her and love her!

    She is in all things, she is the womb of all life!

    I offer you this

    I am

    I am the Wind and I am the Trees,

    I am the Earth and i am the Seas,

    I am a Mother and I am the Child,

    I am a lover of Passions gone wild,

    I am the rain and I am the Soul,

    I am the one who makes the Spirit Whole,

    I am the Maiden, Mother and Crone,

    I am the reaper of seeds that are sown,

    I am Within and I am Without,

    I am Everywhere and Everything about,

    As a Maiden i gave you the gift of Joy,

    As a Mother I gave you Nurturing and Care,

    As Crone I gave you Wisdom un known

    All of these gifts i given you to share

    Blessing on thee..

    So you see you can be close to our Mother in all you do and all you are!

    Blessed Be!



    Source(s): If you do happen to want to know more ...email me i am happy to share...
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    1 decade ago

    If you mean the Mother Goddess of the Church of Cosmic Now, she knows you already. Free speak can be substituted for "chants". Free speak is more valuable because it comes from the speakers heart, not someone else's writings.

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  • Mark G
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    1 decade ago

    Do this either with legs out in front of you or crossed.

    Ohwa - Hands straight up and together

    Taysil - Hands and arms out shoulder level

    Laygu - Hands straight out and together

    Siam - Hands on the ground palms flat down

    If you think you've got it down or are having trouble film yourself doing it, post it to you tube and link it back here.

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    There is no such thing as a mother goddess....Now to bring you closer to Mother Mary just say the Canon to the Mother of God....

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    There can be only one.


    Oh my a lot of thumbs down. Hurray!

    That means that everyone is living in duality, thinking there are many Gods or Goddesses. Glad to know my answer is correct!

    "If someone ask you what work there is to do, light the candle in their hand."........Rumi.....

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