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Pointe messing up my foot..has this ever happened to you?

I dance at a preprofessional dance school and pointe class is messing up my one toe. I am no longer worried about how my feet look because i have been en point for 5/6 yrs now so they are very ugly. However, I am worried about my toe because the skin is dry and cracks open on the bottom. Most of the time my toe is fairly purple. Has this happened to anyone?

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    no. maybe you should try to put more padding in the shoe and really don't push yourself too much. i hope your toe feels better =)

  • Norah
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    Sounds like typical reaction; I don't know about the purple stuff though. It doesn't hurt anything. I wouldn't be too concerned. You probably get bunions, calluses, and corns too. Those are normal for pointe work. If you're really worried about the purple toe, check it out with your teacher and doctor.

    I'm sure you know the in and outs of pointe by now, but make sure you have proper padding and your shoes aren't too tight.

    If you want to clean up your feet, get a pedicure! They'll look and feel much better.

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    Yes! My toe nail spends most of it's time being purple. It's just a bruise and if you ever stopped dancing the bruise will grow our with your nail.

    Since you dance a lot this is expected. There's nothing that you can really do, because if your foot become uncalloused danced en pointe will suck a lot more.

    If you are seriously concerned you may want to see a foot doctor.

    Good Luck

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    you might want to consider changing shoes. i would recommend FREEDS of london. call them and ask them how to go about ordering a pair. they will not do that to your feet.

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