How do you get a good girlfriend and how do you avoid getting a bad one?

Do you need more details ??


Green Eyed Witch, I feel dating casually should occur first and even before that getting to know each other. When both parties are ready for a serious relationship, if they match well, it seems to be the way to go. One nice thing about Internet dating is the ease of finding a lot out about the other person easily, but of course it's written by the other person so you always have to wonder. Thanks for the questions. You don't accept e-mail from Answerers so don't expect me to have a way to answer if you e-mail me, unless you let me know a way to reply.

Claire, thank you for your interest in more details but I don't know what in particular you are looking for. In my busy part of Maryland it can be rather difficult to get to know people and have great places to go but the answers here sure gave me something optimistic to think about. I printed them out and deciding a best answer will probably be difficult.

Thank you Answerers !!! :))

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    think of all things you want in a girl. try to find those qualities in the girl you're considering. stay away from girls that seem to bratty and super spolied, are really superficial and materialistic--usually they're out to drain you or your wallet rather. friends of friends are usually good girls since they've already got your friends in common with you. just let it happen though, don't settle for anyone that doesn't feel right. basically, don't try to change anything about anyone and don't change for them.

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    Listen to your heart don't go by just looks. What is she like on the inside. Is he a good person, does she have a kind heart. Is she sweet? Key questions to ask yourself.

    Can you connect on all levels?

    Is she your equal?

    Is she someone that you can respect?

    Are you truly compatible?

    Those are key examples of qualities. Meet a woman in a place that is not somewhere you will be ashamed to tell your mom and dad.

    For example:

    I met my wife buying flowers. 3 dates later and we were in love. We are still best friends and now have 3 girls. We never fight and always talk things over. I could see right away that we would have everything in common. We were engaged in the first 4 months and have been married for almost 16 years. You just never know where you might find the right one.

    I can tell you that the Nightclub and bars is not the place to find her.Especially if everyone there knows her name, has dated the staff. You get the point.

    I think quality women are the ones that have a strong sense of themselves and have goals in their life. Personally I think that you need to write down a list of what you are looking for in a woman.

    1. Qualities

    2. Personality

    3. Features-Don't make this number 1

    4. Interests that you would share

    5. Long term desires

    Signs of a potential bad girlfriend

    1. Her best friend is her ex-boyfriend-This is never a good thing. This likely will mean the first fight you have and she will be in bed with him and you will always be compared to him. Don't do it!

    2. Every night is a club night-They will never settle down

    3. Her list of ex boyfriends takes more than 1 page-Yeah you will be another notch in her belt.

    4. Can't hold down a job

    5. Has a serious drug habit

    Like I said earlier you will know when you speak to a quality woman. It is part heart, part logic and lots of common sense.

    I am not sure how serious you are ready to be? Or how old you are? but if you are ready to get serious with a woman? I would ask yourself can you see yourself with her in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? As you might imagine there are so many factors to a successful relationship to build from.

    Try these

    1. Build the friendship first

    2. Don't jump in bed

    3, Take your time

    4. Get to know her-Ask questions, pay attention

    5. Get to know the real her-This happens later

    6. Be yourself-Don't lie ( It will bite you in the butt)

    7. Be honest about everything-This means even yes, sex-I need more, I am addict. Whatever the deal is.

    8. Be open-Don't be afraid to let her in

    9. Express yourself-Don't be the strong silent type

    10. Have fun

    To me a good girlfriend is someone that loves you for who you are, not what you have, the kind of car you drive. She will have the depth to be herself and get to know the real you.

    Source(s): 1 really bad relationship for a few years and a really good marriage for the last 15 years
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    Gosh, I would think that you find a great girl in lots of very fun places, especially considering it is summer right now. I think women that appeal to you and you would be proud to call her your girlfriend is the first big sign. You got some good advice here. I have to tell you that if you can take Mario's advice I know you would win me over. I need a guy like that! How old are you? Are you looking for a serious relationship? I am not teasing you. Just wondering if you could post more info?

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    John, thank you for asking this question. I have been wondering the same thing but did not want to ask and get beat up. You got nice answers and the really indpeth one that I am now writing down. That was very cool of you!

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    Wow, you have quite the array of advice here.

    Mario are you Dr. Phil? Did you really have to set the bar that high?

    John I can only add that the relationship has got to have 5 things for me.


    Intense Passion


    Lost of fun

    Quality Video Game Time

    Party on!

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    Hey Big John Good girls are all around. Nice girls are the ones to take home to mom and dad. and marry. Bad one avoids church. Tatoos is a good sign of a bad girl. Being a slug at the bar is another sign. Asking for $10 for sex is a real good sign of a bad girl. A girl that smokes is a bad girl.

    John look for nice girls.

  • You get yourself stuck with a few bad girlfriends and you learn from it. That's really the only way.

    I can offer this one piece of advice...don't date a girl who is promiscuous, even though it gets you some action. She'll more than likely cheat on you. Girls with good morals and a healthy respect for themselves will be worth the wait.

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    Through experience... and through experience, you know what kind of person you really want to be with. And through experience, you can tell if they're going to be a bad or good girlfriend. Sometimes, you figure this out when you're already with them. And that's okay because that's what dating is for. You date to find out who you really want to end up with.

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    Avoid those like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Nicole Richie, etc. Look for girls with integrity, good character, good morals and high principles. Non/drinker, and non/smoker. I would like to add, a girl who dresses modestly, but is it actually possible to find one of those kind, these days?

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    “Actions speak louder than words.” With any relationship you need to watch what people do and not what they say; too many people get caught up in the words and become blind to the actions.

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