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Christians only: Why did you finally leave Atheism to become a Christian? Why Christ?

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    I got tired of constantly feeling that there was something missing from my life, like there was an abyss inside me that nothing would fill. I felt like I was stuck, no matter how many good things I had in my life. It felt like a wound that wouldn't heal, that it would just lay open and rot. Also I felt atheism raised more questions than it answered.

    After I let Christ into my heart, it made me feel like a whole human being, the 'wound' had been healed, the abyss had been filled. I know it sounds so much like a fairy tale, but this is reality, not religion.

    As time passed and I continued to follow God, there weren't questions piling up. Of course I'm unhappy at times and I get depressed and stressed out at times, but at least now I actually have someone I could constantly come to, someone, believe it or not, loved humanity before the universe was even created.

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    This is a difficult question to answer because it involves discussing some principles that the person you are witnessing to may or may not agree with. For example, does he or she agree with you that truth is knowable, that God would attempt to communicate with His people, or that only one religion may be right? Usually, I start by acknowledging the difficulty of coming to an easy answer. However, I tell them that I do have an answer; I am sure it is the right one, because it is an answer based on evidence. What kind of evidence? Prophecy and its fulfillment, Jesus and His miracles, the resurrection of Christ, etc. Then I ask that person if he or she knows of these things happening in other religions.(1) The answer is invariably, "No." Then I point out that they have only happened in Christianity. If any religion were true, Christianity fits the bill.

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    Why? or how? I was a full blown Atheist until i was 20. No girl or cool story made me believe. Without my desire God entered my heart. he chose me, i didnt pick him. I was not at a low point or anything. If this is an honest question and your looking to see what that final step is going to be for you. pray for 2 things. that he softens your heart and that he helps you with your unbelief.

    Why Christ.... I did a signifant amount of looking becuase coming for "free thinkers" world of thought i didnt want to chose at random or convienance. Christ is the only one that stood up and said. "I AM the way, truth and light". everyone else was "i think" or "do you think" or something along those lines. their are many other reasons im just trying to make it a quick answer.

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    I was a Sunday School goer, then a church attender, then an agnostic, before becoming a Christian. I could never muster up enough faith to believe in the non-existence of God! No one else, but Christ, and His atoning death on the Cross, could have changed my life around! Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!

    Source(s): Holy Bible; personal relation with Jesus, my Lord and Savior
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    As much as atheists like to claim that evidence only leads people to the belief that there isn't a god, the opposite happened in my case. While I was more of an agnostic, I did buy into a lot of the evolutionary hype before checking it out in detail.

    Anyway, my skepticism paid off and I did my best to objectively weigh both the proofs for evolution and the proofs for trusting the Bible. The Bible won out, but now I have the luxury of being called ignorant, mentally ill, or other fun names from people who used to enjoy my company as one of the "few free thinkers" in America.

    It's funny how alike atheists and Christian radicals can be.

    Edit: Also, I'd like to say that these trolling atheists aren't representative of the whole. They're just your typical extremists. Don't let them get under your skin; there are plenty of respectful, friendly, kind atheists out there.

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    wow. i comprehend how not effortless it is. i'm a christian who dated and grew inescapably linked to an atheist. i comprehend which you wanna stay with you, and you adore her in spite of the various ideals...all i will say is that marriage won't paintings, and you have been jointly for 2 and a half years, and that i think of you notice the place i'm going with this i'm so sorry and that i desire each little thing works out for the appropriate.

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    Christ was a cool dude. He taught to show love and compassion even to "sinners" and non-believers. Sure, some of the stuff he said was a little out of whack, but keep in mind, it was almost 2000 years ago, and whoever translated the bible had to be smoking something.

    I can't help but notice that a lot of the people who answered were openly atheist. Can you people not even stroll through a website without trying to cut down someone's beliefs despite the fact that the first words of the question were "christians only?" I'm honestly sorry that you guys feel like you have to degrade others to make yourselves feel like your simple little minds might have one shred of validity in them.

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    I knew from the beginning that there was something more to life, it just took a while to realse what I was looking for. Or maybe I finally figured out what God was telling me.

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    I left apathy, not atheism. I was never an atheist,

    I chose Christ because He trumps all. buddha does nothing, too many deities sounds unnecessary and illogical to me, the muslim deity is distant, many deities are distant. God offers a relationship. why would i choose another?

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    I accepted Christ as a small child. I was raised in the church since birth. I don't consider myself ever being an atheist.

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