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Small Hard knot in pubic area?

I have a small knot in the area pubic hair grows in. No it is not an STD, and do not even answer if you aren't for sure or serious. I was thinking it was an ingrown hair, but wouldn't that hurt to the touch? I can grab the skin and feel the entire knot, its about a third of a marble, no pain. Could it be a sist?


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    There are lymph nodes in your pubic area closest to your lower abdomen. It sounds like you are palpating a swollen lymph node. Lymph nodes become swollen for various reasons one of those being infection. Make an appointment with your doctor, but it is not an emergency. Hey it may even go away while your waiting to see DR.

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    It could be an ingrown , but if it is rather large, it is probably a lymph (we get them on the neck, on our ears and around our genitals - where there are lots of them). Normally we don't see or feel them, but once they get swollen (usually due to cold), they are very nasty. They usually go away by themselves (just don't expose yourself to cold for now), but when there are more than 3 of them and if they are large and painful, treatment with antibiotics is required.

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    Could be. You know, I've heard there are people who go to school for a really long time to learn about stuff like that and you can actually go talk to them if you're concerned.

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    Clogged oil gland. Soap and hot water.

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    You said I should not answer if I am not sure, but my advice is that you see a doctor tomorrow. It could be cancerous. You didn't say whether you were a man or woman.

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    it may just be a ingrown hair go to a dr so that he can lance it

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