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Is Taiwan an independent country?

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    Yes, Taiwan has it's own territory, people, and government. People want to travel to there need to get the VISA from Taiwan's government (not from Beijing). Taiwan has been our faithful alley for more than half century. UN should welcome a seat for Taiwan.

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    Yes, the Republic of China has always been an Independent Government from the P.R.O.C. The R.O.C. was even formed before the current Govt. in China. Infact, the R.O.C. (Taiwan)was even one of the founding members of the U.N. And was kicked out of the UN by PROC in 1971. The Nation of the R.O.C. is recognized still today by 23 nations. Yet, for the past 58 years, the R.O.C. has only controlled Taiwan and a few other Islands. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) is already Independent from the P.R.O.C (China). If the R.O.C. wants to be a recognized nation by the international community, only thing they need to do is change their name to Taiwan. And rely on the US to defend them against the Communist Red China. The only reason why Taiwan isn't a free country today is because Chiang Kei Shek and the KMT (nationalist) R.O.C. retreated to Taiwan in 1949. If it wasn't for Chiang Kei Shek, Taiwan and the Taiwanese would be a free nation today.

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    Technically in the eyes of the U.N. it isn't but that is only because the Communist mainland does not recognize it as being independent and would veto anything that Say's as such. In reality however Taiwan is independent it has its own elected government military and every other aspect you would expect of an independent nation. Taiwan itself has only not declared its own independence due to threats from the mainland of an invasion if it ever declares itself as such.

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    yes, but don't tell China, when the main land fell to the communist, Taiwan went on it's own. Some in the USA are worried if China tries to reclaim Taiwan, being that we have a agreement to protect Taiwan in case of war, it might be the start of WWW 111

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    Taiwan is ruled by the Republic of China (not to be confused with the People's Republic of China which rules mainland China). The Republic of China is a democracy which governs Taiwan and several other islands.

    So if you are asking is it independant from mainland China, it is.

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    Not entirely. According to China it is a provence in rebellion.

    The Taiwanese, themselves, can't quite make up thier mind what thier island is supposed to be. They're self-governing, but don't go so far as to claim they are a nation.

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    Yes. De facto if not de jure.

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