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whats your most embarassing moment?

tell us your most embarassing moment. please do not leave out any of the details. lol. nothing is to gross so please tell us your story!!

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    I was coming from a trip on an airplane coming from back home in Texas and I was really dehidrated and was so thirsty, beside the fact that it was SO hot and I asked the attendant to please give me a can of apple juice. I chugged it down in a second, so I asked for a second. Well, whatdaya know when I got off the airplane and just as soon as I got in my car, my stomach started doing flip flops and oh making so much noise. My stomach had bloated about 4 times it's normal size and with no restroom in sight, I just knew that there was no way I was gonna make it. Well it was 15 minutes till the nearest anything so I had to go in my black nice skirt. I really thought my stomach was going to literally explode, so my advice is, don't drink too much apple juice, cause all that Vitamin C gave me real watery squirts. The embarrising part was when I got off at the rest area, I was so hoping no one would see that I was walking with my legs open, but who knows what they were wondering!! Unforgettable!!

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    There are so many ..but probably the most gross was ,once , after learning I would have to cover for someone in a busy 24-hour office ..after working my 9-5 , I took a break to come home to shower ; and then promptly poured Pepto Bismol under my arms ..For some odd reason that story traveled like wild fire .

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    I farted in the library. It was very quiet, and full of people. Everyone looked right at me. Being a girl, it was quite embarrassing.

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