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how much horse power does a 1989 mustang GT have?

horse power does a mustang have. mustangs

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    If money is a problem and you want cheap power. You can get the GT40 heads, upper and lower intakes and the throttle body from a 96 or early 97 5.0L Explorer. You'll have to change a few minor connections but these will bolt right up and are a BIG improvement over what you have now. The Explorer parts are basically Mustang Cobra parts. Just make sure they are GT40 parts and not the later GT40P parts. The GT40P heads are slightly better but they require special headers, yours won't work on these heads. And the later lower intake that come with the "P" heads are not ready to be drilled and tapped where you'll need it, the GT40's are. You're much better off with the 96/early97 GT40 Explorer engine. Take off a valve cover on the Explorer engine and you'll see either GT40 or GT40P cast into the head between and just above the valve springs. Like I said, GT40P heads are slightly better but not worth the hassel and expense you'll go through to bolt up the exhaust. After that you can change the rear gears to 3.55 or 3.73's, that will help too. When you do this swap you use the EGR spacer that is already on your car but get Explorer gaskets and not Mustang GT gaskets for the TB and EGR. One quick way to tell if it's a GT40 or a GT40P engine is to look at the exhaust manifolds. If they look like they are wrapped with a thin gold colored material it is a GT40 engine. If the manifolds are bare cast iron then it's a GT40P engine. just double check under one of the valve covers before you buy. Good Luck!

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    There are many Mustang forums you can search on for the exact answer but my best SWAG is 225 Hp @ 5200rpm.

    I believe the 89' Mustang was still the 5.0L Windsor engine at that time but it was a fuel injection with the early speed density air flow system. The mass air flow sensors started shortly after.

    If you have an 89' Mustang and it's in good shape you can easily crank out more power from that engine wit all the after market parts available.

    Source(s): Ford Racing Catalog -
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    225. John paul, if the 5.0L stangs are slow then why do they own every single 1/4 mile record for street legal cars?? They are one of the easiest and best engines to modify for power in the world. You want to talk about slow and girly, take the 06 gto's. You can get one for the cost of a scooter now a days and for a 400hp rated vehical to have such small tires, weak supporting hardware (i.e. things such as a non built engine only capable of 500-550hp without throwing rods) and not be able to get into the 12 second 1/4 mile time stock. You take the 20-25k it costs to buy a 06 gto and put that money into a 89 stang and you will have yourself a 9 second car. Better yet, buy a used 03 cobra and you have yourself a stock 12 second car with a built engine capable of 800-1000hp without throwing rods or any other engine damage.

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    its a GT so it has to have the 5.0 with 225 HP

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    225 from the factory

    Source(s): i work for FoMoCo
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    225hp at 400rpm, and 300ft/lbs torque at 3000 rpm. 89 Mustangs are MAF not speed density. That ended in 88

    Source(s): I have a Mustang sickness
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    225 for the HO

    you could get that same engine in the LX (better looking and lighter)

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    225 hp at the rear wheels..on 87 pump gas

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