MySpace Reveals Reality?

I took a one week class and met a guy friend, we have mutual interests and similar values. We talk on the phone almost every night -- I thought I was getting to know him pretty well.

I don't have a MySpace page, but when I was checking out a few of my pals I noticed that he DOES have a MySpace page - but it is "private". So I did a little clicking and found his friends. WOW! His friends, his comments, etc. seem to reveal a completely different side of him -- someone that doesn't have the values that I do (i.e. his pals seem wild, they drink, etc). When we talk he never mentions any bars, parties, etc - we talk about church and work. I feel quite betrayed - like my friend is a fraud. However, he never directly lied about anything....

Should I confront him about my discovery? How do I do this without admitting that I looked him up on MySpace?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I really don't know how to put this but if you are just friends with the guy. What real business is it of yours if he cuts loose a few times? I mean you should be lucky that he can confide some of his inner interests and values in you, someone he can trust. But I'm sure he just puts up a front with other people and his guy friends so that he doesn't have to always show his real feelings. Or be thought of as a loser by others.

  • 4 years ago

    Intervention! Her mothers and fathers are fairly the only ones who can help her if she is that absorbed into the internet. An habit is a annoying element to break (and that's an habit), and the only genuine thank you to break an habit like this the place the guy does not want help, is to stress them to conclusion thoroughly. Her mothers and fathers could eliminate her laptop or different skill to get on the internet indefinitely till she would have the ability to show that she would have the ability to function a real lifestyles.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you serious? your really going to judge someone b/c there friends drink and are wild?

    Come on.. geesh.. unless your like bible-preaching, sex before marriage means your going to hell, church 5 times a week hardcore christian who cant accept a "normal" guy... id suggest you give him a break.

    Hes a guy.. of courses hes going to wait to go out and stuff every once in awhile.. plus hes probalby just trying to be cool for his friends.

  • 1 decade ago

    You did a little clicking? Sounds like you're a snoop. I wouldn't be so worried about what he does, he's going to drop you like a bad habit once he realizes you don't trust him and you're nosy.

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