I am a sophmore at college. I still haven't taken any writing clases because I am terrible at writting essays

Does anyone know any good book that I can use to teach myself how to write...thanks

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    Try just dictating them... I can't sit and type, but when I dictate and just talk into a recorder it's great, then I can transcribe it.

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    If you ask around for the best writing instructor, sign up for their class. If you are a sophomore, you will have to be writing lots of term papers for classes, so you should hone your writing skills ASAP. Books are okay, but you won't get the feedback from a book on your essays. You might post an ad for a writing tutor (an English major) to help you with your writing skills. Or see if there is a study group you can join. It may be painful at first to get feedback/criticism on your writing, but it's the best way to improve those skills!

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    No book is going to teach you to write well. Plenty of practice on the other hand will. Seek out the best tutor, ask questions about your errors, and learn from them. You'll get better over time and have earned a quality, much needed skill in today's corporate world.

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    There are a number of books out there, but personally, I think a tutor or teacher is the best route.

    Why? Because the tutor can assess your strengths and weaknesses and set a path for you where it is not too challenging. If you do it on your own, you might end up trying to get everything done at once--this would make it more likely for you to quit out of frustration.

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    you need to take the required english classes how else will you survive your other courses?

    you can use reference books too along with your classes.

    "The writer's Inc" is pretty good

    "A writer's reference" is pretty good.

    "Elements of style" a little pocketbook.

    all of these titles can be searched on Amazon.com under books, I forgot the authors names but you can search them on Amazon.com ok!

    yes and tutors are helpful as well.

    PLEASE TAKE THESE CLASSES they will help you with sentence structure and spelling. Don't be afraid. I know it's scary but it's for your benefit. It doesn't matter what college you attend it's about YOUR PERFORMANCE.

    You have a lot of IVY league pple who can't write if they tried to; it has nothing to do with where you attend and all with what you can do!

    ALSO expand your VOCAB too, will help you as well.

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    All I know is I had to cram and study my Senior year just to graduate because of writing. I am glad you are doing it now...Smart. .

    There is a site that I get some word puzzle frrom every month online,and they have books exactly for that.

    books at http://landabooks.com/books

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