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Aliens and extraterrestrials are real!?

i know they are real i am not crazy or physchotic. i can't wait to prove people wrong. the government is hiding this from us. how narrow minded and foolish can you be to think we are the only form of life! gosh people BE SMART! dont judge me or ask for evidence. have you ever been abducted and mentally manipulated by these creatures? so dont judge me!


this stuff is real so are all these spirits get smart people!

Update 2:

idc that you are calling me ridiculous ok wait until you see! the government is hiding this from us.

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    The government has a way of covering many things up...not just Aliens but a whole list of conspiracies. With Area 51 being the biggest. It's the governments answer to keeping the truth hidden. Yes, sweetheart there is a great possibility that there are other life forms outside our solar system. Have hey been caught? Probably...will we ever hear about them in our life-time, probably not. Trying to extract any information from the government as touchy as this is impossible. Only those who are criminally insane would try, I mean get near Area 51, and see what might just take a bullet. I believe that aliens and other life forms are real even if the truth is never told, don't think what can be real before you know it, it will be proven real...never trust the government or the media. The truth is out there.

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    of course, answers will vary based on personal belief and religion, however, the truth is, its pretty improbable. 1) the government has no real reason to cover it up. Since the end of the cold war, there really aren't any good arguments left for the government cover-up conspiracy theorists. 2) we don't know of any aliens visiting earth. A UFO, should be more approprietly refered to by people as a UFO to me. Chances are, if you see a UFO, someone else somewhere knows what it is, be it Venus, or an airplane. 3) The odds of finding another species in space which are intelligent (them finding us, or us finding them) is like finding a needle in a 5 mile x 5 mile hay field. 4) Even if the two species found each other, they would have to have technology to travel there faster than the other species dies out. Lets say the other species is 5 million light years away. It would take 10 million years, traveling at 1/2 light speed to reach the other species.

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    we can easily prove that the US government is covering up UFOs,

    we have a harder time proving exactly what UFOs are.

    you sound upset at people not believing you,

    the government did an advertisement campaign to make any alien ideas laughable.

    for the most part they got what they wanted, but not everyone is a gullible laughing idiot, and more people every day are not laughing anymore.

    france posted on a website all the files they had on them (and it was lots of them).

    like lots of people, sometimes I enjoy laughing at the french, but are they all crazy now because there country has decided that they can't keep lying about this ?

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    totally agree, so right. Hey drove through middle of deseert w/ family couple years back. Lights all over, freaky in a way, then gone , youd get there & nothing, middle of no where, exactly where all the sitings are out wes--by Roswell. Idiots if you dont believe. Not sure exactly what it is, but definately life out there. I think many believe, but yeah many dont. Whos to say we are the only life form out there. They may say the same. Goo

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    You are right!I believe you the government is hiding the info from us!You are not crazy!I totally agree!Its all such a mystery though!No,I have not been abducted,no,but,I do believe others have!

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    Oh well, I would never judge you... Of course they are real! There is just too much evidence out there for them not to be. I have been abducted all of my life, they take my milt and use it to make hybrids. One day they will come out from the shadows and take control of this planet.

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    extraterrestrial biological entities are real,but i have never been abducted or mentally manipulated by them,or at least

    that i can recall off,however i had seen these huge aerial-crafts in the air space,as well in the sea-waters

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    "Don't ask for evidence"? Duh, well, that let's me out then.

    I'll start believing in the tooth fairy and Snow White too.

    Your statement "Don't ask for evidence" just demonstrates absolute, complete, total, deliberate, stupidity.

    But on re-reading your question maybe you are deliberately leg-pulling? I hope so!


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    You are quite ridiculous.

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