Long distance dating blues!?

I am dating a guy who lives 3 hours away, neither one of has long distance dated before. I am open with my feelings while he is more reserved, I realize he wouldn't be coming to see me every weekend if he wasn't interested, but how can I gently approach this topic without coming off sounding like a needy female? I think everyone needs to hear every once in a while how someone feels about you. We have only dated 3 months, but I think we are pretty close. Any ideas?

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    My boy friend and I live about 3hours away also and because of work and family obligations we actually only get to see each other, every other weekend, communication has become so key. I have been very open and up frount with my boy friend. And he has responded very supportively. The first one up calls the other to say good morning, we talk through out the day and even b4 we go to bed. I have told him that I did not want to scare him off but my feelings were geting pretty deep only to find out that he feels the same way... If I had not communicated I would be afraid that he did'nt feel the same which wouldn't be worth the invstment... Talk to him... What our your plans, whatdirection do you want the relationship to move in? are they mutual... Get it out there and get it over with...

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    your bf may be more reserved because he's never been in this kind of situation before and he might not be sure how to act. you're absolutely right when you said that if he wasn't interested, he wouldn't be going 3 hrs to go and see you. that is big. he seems like he is the kind of guy that demonstrates his feelings, whereas you are a person that says how you feel. give the relationship time to grow, because it is long distance. it takes a bit longer for you both to open up and feel really close because you can't see each other as long as you like. what you telling him is completely fine. you should be able to tell someone how you feel, but i wouldn't tell him every single day. it is still a fairly new relationship. it takes a lot of work, but so far it sounds to me like it is going good.

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