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diet question?

ok well i exercise everyday for about 2 1/2 hours

but i cannot control my eating problem and i cannot go

on a diet or eat healthy food!

i also eat alot of junk food! so its gonna be hard to control!

can u still lose weight if u exercise but don't eat right?

or does diet count to?

i cannot diet.and cannot eat healthy food!


p.s. how do u get a flatter stomach?

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    NO! You can't still lose weight if you're not eating right. And all I hear from you is that you cannot diet, you cannot do this, you cannot do that. Well, it would appear that you don't want to lose weight very badly, or you'd do something about your eating habits. Stop making excuses and get on a program of good eating and exercise. Unless you get serious about getting into better shape and make the necessary adjustments, you should forget about it.

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    Diet certainly counts. If you are only eating junk food, your portions are going to be harder to control because those foods tend to be high in calories and most of them don't fill you up. If you want more success, you're going to have to make the effort the eat better. Don't say you can't, all you are doing is making excuses. Just TRY.

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    you can still lose weight and eat. Its all about control.

    First, you gotta get rid of the junk food. it goes straight to fat. When goin shopping, just dont buy it. dont bring any money with you when you go to work or school. Dont even tempt yourself. Especially dont eat fast food. its deadly. haha.

    Second, to lose weight its important to eat every meal. If you like to eat, eat a bigger breakfast and then a tiny supper. eating breatfast allows you metabolism to start. Dont try skipping that meal. its the most important one of the day. Fruits can be just as satisfying as sweets. Pineapple, blueberrie, strawberries are awesome and since its the summer season they're in abundance. And since you like food, you can totally eat. its all about portions and not snacking. like i told another guy, eat till your a 6 or7 on a scale of 1 - 10 for how full you are.

    Third, EXERCISE! If youre already running thats great. Try throwing in another activity. Aquafit (exercise in the water) is a great fun program that most pools run usually at different times to suit lots of people. Or join a sport team. Commitment to an activity depends on how much you enjoy it.

    Finally, if you looking to burn a few extra calories, try throwing in an activity when you normally are at rest. Say when your vacuuming, listen to your ipod and dance along with it. same when your doin dishes. If you watching tv get a set of weights out or elastic exercise band. they're great.

    It takes time to lose weight. so have patience. good luck

    Abs: Pilates are great to build you core. same with sit up.

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    Yes, you can still lose weight if you don't eat right.

    But it's very hard, and you probably won't lose a whole lot of fat.

    Try taking some of your "trigger" foods out of your house. Like chips, soda, etc. Those are some of mine.

    You can get a flatter stomach by doing crunches, leg lifts, etc. Don't do them excessively though. Just enough so they are sore afterward.

    : ]

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    in my experience, u need to eat right, with going 2 the gym

    when i was younger, i went on diet that said not 2 eat any junk food, so i didn't have any chips, cookies, pie, cake, etc. i didn't even go to them gym, but because of just not eating junk foods, i lost some lbs.

    good luck

    hope this helped

    oh do some crunches 2 tone ur tummy

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    Read The South Beach Diet book

    It will explain why you crave the foods you do that are not healty for you.and how to change your cravings

    You need diet and excerise to acheive the best results

    2 1/2 hors is a lot of time to spend working out

    Don't burn yourself out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read the book it explained a lot to me!!!

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    www.theaadiet.com has a solution for you

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    thanks for the points.


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