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How do you get tickets to the bleachers in left field of Shea Stadium (Mets).?

I've check the team web site, and they dont list the bleachers, nor does ticket master or anyone else. Does an avid Mets fan have any answers to this? Are they game day tix only?

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    According to mets.com's FAQ section:


    Can I purchase individual tickets for the Picnic Area?

    The Picnic Area is an area used for groups of 100 to 1400. To book your day at Shea, call the Group Sales Office at 718-565-4348.


    Actually, I see no mention of the Pepsi can/bottle Wednesday promotion this season. It's quite possible it has been discontinued in 2007. I see just about every promotion possible except for that one. They've had it for a few years, that's too bad if they decided to drop it.

    If it still exists this season, you would get to a game a few hours early on a Wednesday, and a Pepsi can or bottle would be your admission. The first 1,000 people would gain this free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Mets to check on this.

    All in all, there are no tickets that can be purchased for the Pepsi Picnic Area, other than group tickets. If the Wednesday promotion still exists, then that's the only other way. Again, there's doubt on that.

    Source(s): Avid Mets fan http://www.mets.com/
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    They don't sell tickets to the bleachers there. They rent it out to group or corporate events. I've been there a few times. Usually, they'll set up a tent with comped food. Many times, they'll rent it out to multiple groups or businesses for a single game.

    For Wednesday games, if you show up with an empty Pepsi can, you get to sit there and attend a game for free!

    The reason why they don't sell tickets for the bleachers is because Shea has a massive upper deck that doesn't usually sell out except for the big games (opening day, Yankees, clinchers, etc.). Also, there's only one tiny food concession stand behind the bleachers. So the Mets organization would rather only sell their cheaper seats for the upper deck in an effort to get fans to patronize the merchandise stands.

    The bleacher seats at Shea aren't so bad. You can more easily get autographs from players when they shag balls in the outfield compared to being among the crowd behind the dugout waiting for players after batting practice. But you can't see the Diamond Vision screen at all, although the Mets don't use it to a better effect as much nowadays.

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    First you need to know what section you want (here is the ball park's seating and pricing) http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/nym/ballpark/seating_p...

    Then you need to call the ticket office and request tickets in that particular section, which you might have to try several dates to get. (718) 507-TIXX

    Unless your refering to the picnic area, then you'd probably better call the ticket office for polocies on that area and how it works.

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    web page offers. it is a family section and many times with a soda bottle or label you can get a real discount.

    if you cannot find, could be sold out

    call the Mets direct.

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  • You don't need tickets, just stay close by and one may fall off for you.

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