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I need help with my hair! (plz read)?

OK! I look LOTS like my avator...but I want to get a funky look! I have been searching the internet for the picture so I can show my hair dresser what I want! If you could please help me look for the pic I would LOVE it!

I want it to look kinda like this...

- Litle longer than shoulder length

- I want it to be chunky and texturized

- layers start 4 inches from the top of my head!


DOes not matter what color! ( I just need the pic!)


You could also lead me to sites!

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    Girl, forget the layers.Get hair that is 2 inches below sholder.Ask for the shaggy look.Brown hair with carmel colored highlights.oh and, no bangs. they are no dout goin to be out of style next year.Trust me, every girl in my family is a hair prefessional.Other then my older sis anyah.

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    you know i forgot the website but go to google and put professional hairstyles. the website is i think. so yeah maybe it might show some hair cuts though that are really nice

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    hope this helps

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