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Connecting a Laptop to a Wired Router?

Ok, so my friend got a new laptop, Wifi enabled, but he only has a wired router. How to I connect both together using a Ethernet cable?



He told me he tried just pluging it in but it doesnt work. SHOULD it just be that easy?

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    His laptop would have to have a Ethernet jack to plug it up. If it does just plug it up if not he will have to get a wireless router for it to be able to work.

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    Yes, you need a wireless card for the laptop. Some laptops come with them built "inside" the computer. If not, then you will need to buy one separately. Also, you will need to make sure your router is a wireless router as well, and if not, you will need to get one. Most wireless routers also support wired network connections, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Of course, if you get a wireless card but don't have a wireless router, you will still be able to use your laptop wirelessly wherever there is a wireless signal, for example, in certain coffee shops or airports, etc.

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    Plug the Ethernet cable (RJ45 8 pins) into the laptop, Providing it has a Ethernet port. The other end into the router. Do not use a cross over cable.

    Go to Control Panel - Network and right click on LAN then properties and set TCP-IP Properties to obtain IP address Automatically.

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    All the laptops basically have an ethernet card in them, just connect the cable to the ethernet port and connect it to the router.

    No need to think about wireless or wifi, when you have planned to connect it through ethernet cable.


    Syed F Hussaini.


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    get an ethernet cable. plug one end in the router. plug other end into the laptop.

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    ethernet port on computer to ethernet port on router.

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