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Where can i find a 2XLT Grateful dead shirt.?

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    Keep checking Dead.Net as well as Liquid Blue and places like Old Glory, Woodstock Trading Company and there are a lot of others. Some do sell bigger sizes.

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    go to Soul flower online or or or "relixs" magazine its Dead related, or Haight &Ashbury T-shirt Shop if you live far from San Francisco,go online get the number they have a juicy catalog and you can mail order from it.Be Well "OH"LiquidBlue" has some sweet "T"s

    Source(s): I'm a Devout Deadhead,eat sleep and breathe Grateful Dead.most progressively minded college town have Grateful Dead T-shirts that will fit you,San Francisco has the best!!
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    you have probley tried Hot Topic lol....ummm...just look on google....

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    why do u ask me such hard questions/????


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