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If GWBush was a wealthy BLACK guy would he have gotten into Yale with a C average AND become President of USA?

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    Why not?

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    he might have gotten into Yale as a minority with a "C" average but probably would have flunked out and definitely wouldn't become President or a member of the Skull & Bones club

  • Nope.. because he wouldn't ever become a Middle aged White guy. Seems like people still 'Small mindedly" think that matters when you are president.

    Besides, Bush had his daddy keeping him from deploying when they were DRAFTING when he was in the military, so its all about Connections, and apperantly The Bush's have them, despite how freaking crooked They are!

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    yes with affirmative the way bozo,his c average was attained after he was at Yale.also for your info john kerry had a lower average in college.hahahaha,another frustrated lib!

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    He'd have gone to Harvard Law, been governor of a smallish rural state, and then become President.


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