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Should I be worried?

I have been with my boyfriend for two months but he still talks to his ex. They were together for 5 years. She was his first love, his first, and they almost had a child. I try to tolerate him calling her but I feel hurt. Should I be worried or am I just jealous?

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    you are right to be worried. no stable boyfriend needs to be calling his ex if he's satisfied with you. dont take that ''she was my 1st love'' crap- they're over- and if they dont start acting like it- which means an end to the phone calls- it will be over between you two, also. my father's and his 1st girlfriend, his ''1st love'' , actually did have a child together- but when they broke up, my dad married my mom and they had me. the only reason he would EVER contact his ex was to talk about where their daughter- my half-sister- would be staying this weekend (our house or hers) or about child support or things having to do with their DAUGHTER. they never talked just for old times sake or friendship reasons- like your bf- they are over, he has a new ''woman'' my mother- and that means he is satisfied with her and does not need the ''support'' of a ''friendly ex''. i can tell you if my father ever just ramdomly called his ex up for a chat like your man- my mother would NOT take it. and neither should u. either the phone calls stop, or he stops.

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