jobs for 14 year olds in santa maria CA ?

im 14 years old, i turn 15 this october, but can i get a job in santa maria CA right now? i kind of need one for summer because i have nothing to do. I know "i can only work 3 hours a day for 18 hours a week" and "only certain places hire young"

are there any places specifically??

ei:albertsons? any certain store ?? NOT BABYSITTING PLEASE. my mom doesnt have friends with young childrent & i have no young family members to babysit.



well i cant work by 7 am anyways because i have summer school from 8:30-1:15 pm and it sucks!!! where did you hear about that amount of hours ??

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    The business end of a shovel or rake or always a lemonade stand

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    Um well I live in california too and I'm 14. Im looking for a job too. You dont need to just work for 3 hours a day. When school is out you can work for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. As long as you don't start before 7 am and as long as you don't end after 7 pm. A lot of people have said ice cream stores...? I dunno Im going to see. But yeah hope i helped and hope we both can get jobs. =]

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    You have to be 15 1/2 to get a "real" job or you must have a court order authorizing you to work.

    A better idea would be to go to a women’s shelter, food bank, or some other place and volunteer your time.

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    First it depends on the area bylaws.

    Second it depends on the kind of job.

    Hours & pay are very limited.

    My first paid job was a supermarket;

    stocking shelves & packing bags.

    Sometimes we got tips for carry-out.

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  • most albertsons hire at 15. you have to get paperwork from youre school signed by both the school board and the jobsite it's very easy to do.

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    you cant work legally untill you are 16 in the state of california.. you could babysit or start a lemonade stand but no paycheck just yet

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    Here is a short list of summer jobs which you can create to generate income:

    1. Learn calligraphy so that you can provide handwritten invitations and thank you notes to prospective wedding parties, birthday celebrations, etc. Seek out clients through wedding planners at nearby churches and temples. A starter calligraphy kit usually runs around $20 and anyone can easily pick up this skill. The going rate is usually $1 per hand addressed item.

    2. Become a "poser" who assists wedding photographers in setting and arranging various individuals in group and single photographic positions. "Posers" carry around a sketch book of various sitting and standing poses which consists of onion skin overlays of various wedding pictures bound in albums. Again, contact local wedding photographers and wedding planners, accordingly. The hourly pay is around $10-$12 per hour and you are often invited to attend all dining activities.

    3. Seek from your neighbors a gardner position which involves planting, weed removal, plant/tree trimming, light brush clearance. You will be using the neighbor's equipment and tools. Again, do not represent yourself as a lawn mower since there are any number of safety issues involved. A door-to-door solicitation of surrounding neighbors is required and you can charge between $6 to $9 per hour.

    4. Offer policing/removal or clearance of trash services to surrounding neighbors which involve trash pickup within nearby residential area. Limit the extent of pickup to small areas and be aware that there are no hazardous terrain or elements involved in this process. Again, a door-to-door solicitation of neighbors is in order. You can charge between $6.75 to $7.50 per hour.

    5. Acquire a set of window cleaning tools [a bucket, liquid window cleaner, sponge, squeegee, handle with an extension and a small step ladder] and solicit local businesses for your window cleaning services. However, be careful to limit the height of the window cleaning to no higher than one story. Charge $1 per window panel.

    6. Become a proxy/stand-in for neighbors to allow delivery of goods and packages to your home/apartment. Acquire the authority to sign any receipt of incoming packages as an accepting neighbor. Charge $1 per each package handled by you.

    7. Consider becoming a restaurant-cafe customer liaison by using your cell phone at restaurants-cafes to coordinate with the hostess to keep track of waiting customers. Whenever there's a very long period of time to activate a waiting list, you want to offer the restaurant your services so that customers do not have to stand around for any lengthy period of time. And when their name/assigned number comes up; you can call the upcoming customer's cell phone to tell them that they can return to the restaurant and be served. The call back fee is usually around $0.50 cents on a per head basis. For example, a couple would be charged $1.00 while children under 6 would not be charged. Placement of a plaque which outlines your fee schedule near the hostess station is sufficient to garner attention of prospective customers who will value your services since they can do other activities outside of the restaurant -- often beyond the range of any inhouse paging system. You realize that everyone has a cellphone and why not take advantage of the connectivity to make the diner's experience worthwhile. The restaurant will also appreciate the added service you are providing as a customer liaison.

    8. Why not become a paid feeder servicing the disabled at nearby nursing, convalescent, assisted living/care centers and hospitals. It involves feeding food to patients who are unable to feed themselves. The starting rate is $8.00 per hour. The only downside is that one has to take precautions to wash one's hands after each feeding. A posting of your services [by a business card or flyer] on a reviewable bulletin board would be enough to generate customers. The paid feeder position is one of the fastest growing occupation at this time.

    Good luck!

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