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i know how u could phicically abuse someone(obvisoly)but how could u mentally abuse someone?examples maby?

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    mental abuse is worse than physical abuse. Constant criticism, derogatory remarks (No good, stupid, you'll never amount to anything, why do you always do that?) the list goes on and on. Pretty soon you start to believe it.

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    Mentally abuse is bad, if this is used on a child, it really can hurt the child's growth, if a parent, a teacher keeps telling the child they are stupid and will never amount to anything, this will happen, children should be told they are special and they are smart and they can do anything they want to do, if they put their mind to it.

    If mentally abuse is used in adult, with a husband or boyfriend, the relationship will never grow, and the person, is afraid to do anything because they are going to be abused.

    If you love someone you are good to them and your relationship will grow.

    I believe when an adult mentally abuses someone, it is because they are not sure of themselves, and they need to put the other person down, to make themselves feel good.

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    Play mind games. Like in a relationship, where one party is the mental abuser, they would, for example call names, then apologise and promise to never do it again, only to do it again... that's just one of the many examples I've encountered first hand.

    Another is extreme jealousy. Implying that your partner cheats on you whenever they have a chance, and treat them like it, even though it's not true.

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    Mental abuse is arguably far worse than physical abuse. Some examples are name calling, telling someone they are no good constantly, making someone feel incredible horrible and low about themselves and so on.

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    Mental abuse can include:

    exclusion, lack of attention (from parent to child), degrading remarks, favoring of one child/person or lying/blackmailing/cheating.

    Basically, it's anything that can make someone feel unwanted, unwelcome, sad, or hurt.

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    an example would be a parent telling a child that they are loosers and they won't amount to a thing. calling them all kinds of names. Screaming at them. Doing all kinds of mind games.

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    Saying you can't do anything right...

    Saying you will never find someone better than me...(if its a boyfriend/girlfriend issue)

    Sometimes when someone gives you an ultimatum (do it their way or they leave you.)

    Saying that someone is ugly/fat/stupid.

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    if people have low self esteem and/or low self confidance -it stays with them for years and years .. name calling young kids-swearing at them-calling them worthless ect.. will almost always destroy them to a degree -that cant be truly fixed

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    if u tell a person negative things all the time

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