Media gag by Clarence Mitchell. And WE are paying his salary?

McCanns "spin doctor" works for the BRITISH GOVERNMENT...are you all aware YOU are paying for his services to the McCanns?

In this link, any "news or people" related to Clarence Mitchell are listed on the right of the page...the first 2 names are the McCanns. Obviously Gorden Brown is there, as are other MPs and political news.


Also, theres a sinister link between Freemasons and the Catholic Church. Thers tons of stuff on the net about it, but a lot of it wont let me link or copy and paste, for some odd reason?

Freemasons control Catholic Church and Pope

Update 2:

Here it tells EXACTLY what Clarence Mitchell does in his work as a Media-bouncer!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I think there guilty of things so they have hired the best team out there to make them out as the perfect Parents and to not report the truth

    I think they have some thing serious to hide

    Watch this space

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