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what do fire, earth water, and air People have in common?

i know that all water sign ppl cancers scorpios and pisces are sensetive however what about the rest and if theres more simmlarites between the water ppl what are they

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    In astrology, just like psychology, personality 'types' refers to the psychological classification of different types of people. This makes it easier for us to gain a good first impression of a person. 'Impression' being the operative word as once you get to know someone more personally, you will discover so much more about them.

    Fire signs have their energy, enthusiasm, adventurous spirits in common. They are all outgoing. Good leaders. Assertive in their ways.

    Water signs have their strong and deep levels of emotion in common. They are all sensitive, caring, understanding and spiritual.

    Air signs have their need for 'communication' in common. They're sociable. They love variety. They're versatile and fun.

    Earth signs have their practical and down-to-earth outlooks in common. They thrive on routine. They're perfectionists. They dislike change. They can be stubborn.

    Fire signs and Air signs are all outgoing. Water signs and Earth signs care about other people in their own ways.


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    Water signs tend to like swimming or stuff involving water, at least pisces and scorpios do. I'm not sure about cancers.

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    Im just taking a guess, but i think FIRE people are agressive, or competitive. EARTH people are probably more caring and giving. WATER people are probably sensitive and fun. AIR people are probably always on the move//or energetic [like wind]

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    This is just what I see:

    Fire: Outgoing/Adventurous

    Earth: Laidback/Responsible

    Air: Friendly/Comfortable with Themselves (I don't mean conceited, though)

    Water: Deep/Emotional

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    They are all born on earth and live in all four environments, the sun shines, on earth, we breath air, and drink water.

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    Captain Planet.

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    Fire and Water: Both are emotional

    Earth and Water: Both are loyal

    Air and Water: Both are flexible (not stubborn)

  • Whoa, that sounds like a description of superheros that are called the, "Fantastic 3!" =<)

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    i know that air people are suppose to be with the intellectual part but i dont know alot of people who are air signs that are very smart.

    earth people are suppose to be u know the conservative sexy types well yeah so far thats true.

    water signs are suppose to be sensitive. i believe thats true.

    and fire signs there all concieted people with no fashion sence =].

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    We All Bleed Red

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