are sony xplod subwoofers good or bad?

good magnet or bad mgnet

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    A sub can not be judged by the size of its magnet.

    Sony is somewhere in the average range as far as quality compared to all other brands.


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    It depends on what you want. You get what you pay for generally speaking. Sony subs are OK and you just want to bump some bass in your they will be fine. You are not going to win any SPL competitions though.

    Magnet size does not mean much anymore. There are composite magnets of special materials now that can be relatively tiny and blow away a sub with much larger magnets. You'd be suprised.

    If you are asking about durability, then as long as you do not over drive the subs youll be fine for years. Just keep them connected to an amp that matches or is slightly lower in RMS watts as the subs are rated for.

    Hope this helps.

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    Agreed. Magnet size has little to nothing to do with determing the quality or even strenth (BL) of a subwoofer driver.

    I would buy some Kickers instead. I don't too much care for Sony. They make everything BUT car audio well, IMO.

    You can get some KickerCompVRs on sale right now at CircuitCity buy one get one free. $149 for 2 12's at 400watts RMS apiece, not bad!

    Of course there are better brands than Kicker and Sony for the price, like TC Sounds but the CompVRs is a really great deal for someone who wants a lot of bass for only $149.

    My friend has 2 12" CompVRs that make my hat bounce up and down on my head, with only 390wrms for BOTH, in a sealed box at that.

    Good Luck!

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    of course the magnet matters, as with anything the bigger the better.

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