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Do you find Pokemon games get boring after you beat all the gyms?

Do you find that? Do you find that filling up your pokedex is boring too? I actually find it boring after the elite 4. I already have 6 badges in diamond and i've had the game for 2 days..

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    Yes, it can get very boring, and for most people, for which I found out. Either Nintendo isn't putting much effort into pokemon and want to get money, or haven't played diamond or pearl themselves to see how boring it can be. There isn't much to do.

  • Yes, but it is sort of fun to find out secrets. But mostly it is boring

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    thats distinctly a lot it in case you dont want to seize legendaries and you arent attracted to conflict frontier. you're able to be able to desire to end your pokedex in case you havent already. yet whilst i grow to be you i could in simple terms initiate a sparkling activity reason youve distinctly a lot accomplished each and all of the fin stuff.

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    yeah, its pretty much pointless....

    unless you like gettinf powerful pokemon and leveling em up to 100...

    but after you beat the game, its jsut pointless...

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    i find pokemon boring.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes but if ur a huge fan go and enjoy yourself!

  • 1 decade ago

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