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i want to start a band?

i can sing but cant play a instrument yet my friend can not really play guitar that well where should we start


ps i am 11 my friend is 13

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    i think that your friend should practice ALOT, find some other people who can play other instruments, if you want, work on some lyrics together, and load up your songs to, and advertise it around there, by making a listener accound and make friends, play some shows at local/free/cheap places and start gathering a fan base, tell all your friends, they'll tell there friends... etc =) If you post your thing onto purevolume, me and my friend carlee would love to hear it =) add us as a friend: xxcarleexx

    Source(s): me and my friend play keytar and we're trying to starting a band too
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    i think you should start with lessons. if it's an all guy band you should sing and play but if not (hopefully you're not sexist) then you should focus on your instrument and find a good female singer to do lead. don't forget - sex sells, nothing skimpy but people will go for a more open range of bands......

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