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Do you dislike it when Yahoo doesn't post your question???;_ylt=As5tD...

I do. I mean, you wasted five points and no one answers your questions because it wasn't posted. Do you hate it when your question doesn't get posted?


Or do you hate it when no one answers your question!!!!???? GRRRR!!!!

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    so far they have posted the questions i have asked. i hate it when it's on page 3 instead of page 1. (because a lot of people have said they never go past page 2, they just keep refreshing page 1)

    losing 5 pts would suck. they should give refunds.

    i do hate it when i don't get very many responses.

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    i hate it when yahoo actually posts yer question...then removes it for some BS reason...and ya lose 15 points!...

    that's when ya use one of yer fake accounts to get 30 points back!...'s allll about the points!...

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