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Tack questions?

I need new tack for my 2 horses. Have been out of the horse world for about 5 years (off to college) and just got 2 and started back up. I have a TB on a hackamore and an Arab on a grazing bit but both are borrowed as we are trying to figure out what each horse needs and rides best in!

I used to ride in a little club that gathered once a month for "Playdays" and I took my husband up there this last weekend to watch one and he really wants to join. I noticed a shift in the tack people are using (I feel so out of the loop!)

What are you using on your horses? Photos? Sites to purchase tack?


I ride western

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    statelinetack.com has a lot of nice tack for English and western. if your looking for more of the english things you can go to doversaddlery.com

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    Well I use a pellum on my horse, but that's because I ride equitation and want to keep her in a frame. It depends on what style of riding you do for your horse that rides in a hackamore it might be good to put him im a rubber full cheek and on your horse that uses a you could use a low port dee bit because that is similar to the grazing bit. Also go to dover saddlery to get all the tack you need, but if you want cheaper tack try the used ones at your local tack store

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    I'm not sure with you guys but my barn uses stateline tack, wintec and dover are becoming incresingly popular for everything- not just saddles. The most popular brands for english saddles include Dover, Courbett, Wintec, Stuuben and Collegiate-- I'm sure I'm forgetting some good ones and some of those are extremely expensive but those are some of the most common brands.

    As for what YOU wear-- The brand 'ariat' has some of the most common and reputable footwear i've seen around. Same with Dover!

    Source(s): Good luck and if you need any more help you can contact my equine help hotline by adding Equine Help 101 to you AIM/AOL buddy list or by emailing designingshinto@yahoo.com for prompt answers and advice!
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    Well, in the saddle I now have, I've ridden in 10+ horses and it's fit ALL of them.PERFECT! IT's a Kincade close contact. It's cheap, only 350.00 butit's got a kindo deep seat, perfect for jumping. I've heard Wintec is great. It's easy to clean and not badly priced. I would have to suggest DoverSaddlery.com and StateLineTack.com

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): I'm assuming you ride English?
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    Hehe tack on my mules.........

    Well right now.... my show mule is only ridden in an aussie saddle. Its his 5th saddle now due to fitting issues with westerns, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I ride him in a Balding Bit with hinges in the port. High quality bits, its a little on the severe side of bits, but I never have to use it to that extreme and he works wonderful in it.

    My trail mule is in a myler looting curb and a Colorado Saddlery saddle. She would go with string in her mouth I think.

    My sons mule is in a simple curb with a low port.

    My donkey is still in kindergarten (3yrs old) and in a snaffle.

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    Also, if you do a google search you’ll find several others, these are just the ones I use the most for getting my horse supplies. Also, check out the horse.com forums, I believe they have a section on tack where you can read reviews about certain types. Or if you are interested in a certain brand or type, do a review search for it so you can get some different opinions.

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    A website i use alot is www.statelinetack.com

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