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Disney World!?

well, I live in PuertoRico and I love Disney World! I wanted to go for vacation in july,my dad but the tickets,but then they where too expensive,the hotel,the car,airplane,it costed a lot! but then things got worse,puerto rico is a disaster right now the tax is super high everything is expensive, they are firing workers so people dont loose there money...well now we have to stay here and we cant go to vacations this summer ='( im crying right dad said maybe we go on October,if things get better..=( now im very said I have a little sister and I was tottaly expecting to go!!!!! now Im always crying! I dont know what to do...and I think october is a long way do you think?


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    I think you should be patient and wait until October. Try to help your dad save as much money as possible.

    Many people here in the rest of the United States are also losing their jobs! We pay HIGH taxes, everything is expensive, and many people are losing their jobs because businesses are sending the work overseas or to Mexico.

    So remember, EVERYONE has difficulties in life. Try to help your family and things will get better. (October is NOT very long away!)

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    I understand your disappointment, but remember, it's not the end of the world...and I know it's easy for me to say that, since I'm not the person missing the trip. But, I am a father with two daughters, and have had to make changes like that myself, and for the same reason. Believe me, it's breaking your Dad's heart to disappoint you & your sister...more than he might show.

    Let me make a suggestion to you. Go to your Dad and sit down with him and make out a "Disney Vacation Savings Plan". Create a budget for the trip and how much your family would have to save for could even go to the bank and open a savings account for it. You didn't say how old you are, or your sister, but can either of you do odd jobs around your neighborhood...babysitting, cutting peoples grass, running chores for senior grocery shopping, could you collect all the stuff in your garage or attic or basement that no one is using anymore and have a garage/yard sale.

    And, think about going next July (2008) gives you more time to save...and believe me, it's better to go to Disney with enought $$$ in your pocket than empty pockets...and it would be more than worth the wait.

    Start looking at all the Disney specials at that could save you money. If you get a really good deal on a room...stay there, and you don't need the rental car, as there is free transportation provided. If a 7-night trip is too expensive, then maybe stay for 4 or 5-nights. It's better to have 4-5 great days than so so days.

    There's nothing wrong with Disney in October. To me, it's even better as it's not as hot and humid...and it's after peak season, so the crowds will be smaller...shorter lines for the rides, so if you do end up going in October, you'll probably have a better time

    I hope your family has a great time!

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    Sorry to hear you won't be able to go, I know it is really dissapointing. But, just realize that times are really hard for your family and if your dad could he would do just about anything to get you and your sister to Disney.

    I know it may seem like a long way away now, but it will be hear before you know it. It gives you more time to plan and prepare for your trip so you can make it even more special.

    As the other answer said, work out a savings plan. Think of ways you can save more money for the trip and areas where you may be able to cut some expenses. Maybe you can even help with the savings, if you make any purchases you can keep any change you get in a jar and count it up before you go, your sister can do it as well. If you get an allowance, maybe you can save a certain amount from that each week as well. If you are able, you may even want to try and help your dad find ways to save money on hotels, tickets, air, etc. Anything you can do to help will make him feel great.

    If you help your dad and cooperate, it will make things easier on him and he won't feel so bad. Right now he probably feels like he left you down, so make sure he knows you understand and you want to help him save for that next trip.

    Your Disney trip may not be as close as it originally was, but no matter when you get to go it is going to be a great time. You will be with your loved ones in the happiest place on earth, nothing better than that.

    Good luck with the savings and start thinking about that trip coming up rather than missing out on this one. It will make your summer a lot happier.

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    October is a long time away but it will give you something to look foward to. It should help that hotels are cheaper in October which should help your Dad out. It is also less crowded in October so you will be able to see a lot more on your trip.

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    umm it probebly seems a long ways away but it will come befor you know it,, just dont think about it as much then it will come quicker ,,, thats what i did when we went on vacation.. and umm by the way you are not miley cyrus b/c i am pretty sure she does not live puerto rico b/c she has to stay in the us because of her show

    bye bye

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    It will be ok. If you dont get to go in July consider going in Dec for the Christmas holiday thats when I'm going. I've been there before for the Christmas season and its really beautiful. Whenever you go you will have fun and dont cry you will get to go.

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    don't worry! It'll come soon!

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