i feel so worthless cus of a breakup?

i feel like i am not worth loving. like afetr people get to know me, they find out they dont wanna be with me. my boyfriend of over 3 years broke up with me b/c he didnt think i was the right girl for him. i am devastated, cus we were very close and it was very special and he used to tell me how lucky he was to be with me. i thought we were special. i miss him so much and it kills me to know he doesnt feel the same way, or love me as much or the same way as he used to (or since he did it over the phone, he can pretend he doesnt love me anymoer cus he didnt see me when just a week earlier he told me how much he loved me-love cant just go away can it?)i saw a future with him. this also happened to me about 6 yrs ago with my highschool boyfriend of 2 years, when he dumped me and moved on within a month. i know that was highschool and we were too young, but im 24 now. i feel so worthless and not good enough, like he didnt feel lucky to be with me or why would he break up with me?

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    Wow, I really feel your pain and it really hurts. I am so sorry for how you are feeling right now. I've been there too. Here are some things to think about or try. First, stay busy, no matter what it is. Second, surround yourself with good friends and family and speak with them. This is a time when you need to lean on someone and a time when friends step up and be friends. If need be, be direct and tell them you need help. Third, try to get away physcally from your present environment if at all possible. Give yourself a break. Fourth, concentrate on being good to yourself (exercise, eat well and enough). Fifth, if you have routines, keep to them no matter how difficult that may be. Lastly, and prehaps most importantly, ask yourself where your own self worth comes from. Deep down inside is a voice within you. That voice tells you things that are at the core of who you are. For instance, that you are a good person and you are important. You have allowed someone else's actions to over run that voice. Happiness comes from that voice and not other's actions. Make a list of things that you think make you as a person have value. This is who you are, and nobody else can tell you otherwise. This is a very difficult time in your life but it is also an incredible opportunity for self betterment. Good Luck...

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    It's been 2 1/2 years for my fiance and I, and he just recently confessed thinking of breaking up with me. I thought my world had ended. I know how you feel, and I cry all the time now, and have been trying to be perfect so he doesn't. Pretty pathetic, huh?

    I am sorry. I really am. But time will pass, no matter how it seems you won't get over him. But you will smile and laugh again, I promise. It will take a lot of time, but you will. If you need to ever talk, I will be here for you!

    I wish you the best of luck in finding your soulmate, and i hope he finds you soon!

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    some times people just grow apart and one day realize they don't feel the way they thought they did. There is nothing wrong with you its just a part of life. He's obviously a coward because he broke up with you over the phone. He doesn't deserve you if he can't see how great a person you really are. Its tough to move on but try to keep busy don't dwell on it to much.

  • you know most people don't last in a long term relationship but some do well they do only when they find the right person for them selves and maybe you just haven't found someone that loves you the way you deserve to be loved. and love like that just doesn't go way like that..well Maye you feel like that because you love him and he said he loved you and well maybe hes not ready for a serious relationship but if he moves on you have to move on to but your not worthless and you should feel lucky to be with you and be happy that you were their for him but you cant be their for some one if their not there for you.

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