Can you attach a DVD player to *any* TV?

How about an HDTV?

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    Any HDTV will have inputs to accept the type of outputs found on DVD players. DVD players will use Component, Composite, S-Video and HDMI for video output (HDMI is both audio and video).

    Sound output will come from analog phono connectors, Coaxial digital or Optical digital.

    Some older TVs will not have inputs but you can get an RF modulator that will convert a composite video and phono audio output to a Channel 3 signal that will work with any TV.

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    Yeah, you should be able to....

    On really OLD TVs without the RCA connectors, you can go to Radio Shack and pick up a Video modulator that lets you use the DVD on Channel 3....but most TV sets have Video Input connectors on the back.....

    HDTV sets always have the video connectors you need for a DVD.

    Source(s): Over 24 years servicing TV sets......
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    in theory. yes

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