Trailer tires keep blowing, what tires can hold more lbs?

i have a 38ft Sierra Sport Trailier w/ garage, and im overall trailer weight ,About 16,000 lbs , trailer only not truck. Well this past weekend i blew my third tire, and i always am checoikng the psi and looking for crap in the tire etc, traviling about 50-55 mph and BOOM! tire blows, They are Greenball hiway Trooper lt235/85r16 and rated G, What tires out the, same size, can hold more weight, and are better quaility, anyone now any?


Ok the tires are what came with it so there ment for trailers, and its a fifth wheel

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    look for a tire with at least a 5 ply or even better a 7 ply tire. Do you use a equalizer hitch to distribute the tongue weight of your trailer? That will really help with the towing.

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    You certainly have a lot of weight to carry there, my first thought is that you need to make sure your are at the maximum psi as printed on the side of the tire. Underinflation with that kind of weight will cause tire overheating and quick blowouts. You are not going to find many tires with a higher rating than load range "G" which is comparable to the old 14 ply ratings. I would look for some 7.50 R 16 "trailer specials", or tires made specifically for trailer use. They are slightly narrower than 235/16's and keep them aired to the maximum rating on the sidewall. Also make sure your wheels can handle the weight and the tire pressure.

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    I assume you've weighed the trailer? Those tires you have are rated at 3758lbs at 110psi. 4 tires are only able to handle 15000 lbs. You are overloading the tires. You're only options are to lose some weight or drive slower. To get a higher capacity tire you'll have to go bigger. The next bigger tire is a 245/70R19.5 G, it's about 33" in diameter vs 31" and has a 4540lb rating. You'll have to see if there's room and if there's a wheel available in the right size and bolt pattern.

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    Wrong tires you should be using trailer specific tires not truck or car tires go to a RV tire supply store a get tires that are made for trailers.

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