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Bumping feeling on clutch pedal?

I just test drove a car I love, except I noticed a bumping/vibrating feeling on my foot when using the clutch pedal. I've never experience this before. Any ideas what it could be?

It's a 2002 VW with 69k miles.


I have a trusted VW mechanic who will do an inspection for $40, but if it's something major, I'll save my $40 and keep looking.

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    sounds like a loose clutch pedal or maybe the transmission is about to go..i'd stay away.

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    it is the throwout bearing and or your idle thrust bearing or both but mainly the the throwout bearings you had might as well replace the clutch while your at it the preveous driver evedently drove the car with his foot resting on the clutch peddle riding the clutch bearing and there is a thrust bearing that holds the transmission shaft center to the flywheel that to can sometimes cause the same problem good luck

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    Have someone that knowes cars look with you. Sounds like cluch defects or ware do to exesive heat. Might this car have been hotroded? Beware! But a good car can be fixed if not ridden int the ground.Cluch system can be replaced for abought $300.00.Plus labor. Can be used as a tool to talk price. Have experianced car person look with you.

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    It sounds to me such as you the two are imagining the shortcoming of skill or assuming the engine is working easily (i.e. no returned firing, indicating a timing difficulty) then you've got a gas gadget difficulty. i anticipate you have gas injection, first try getting some gas gadget cleanser at your community aspects shop, in simple terms mixture it with the gas in keeping with classes...

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    not shure off the top of my head but definitly doesent sound good

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