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anybody tried the sensitive similac brand formula, did it work for gas?

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    Yes I tried it.. when it first came out walmart had for 25cents here. I thought something was wrong with it so i just bought 3 cans and looked it up on the Internet. Nothing was wrong with it, just marked the wrong price i guess. It helped her not to be so gassy. I went back, a few days later, to get some more cans of it, and it was $4.00 a can!! Wish I stocked up on it!!

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    hi, my daughter had trouble with formula makin her gassy what i did was i mixed the reg formula withthe gentle one. my daughter seemed to get way 2 hungry 2 fast with just the gentle....then at 2mos old i changed her from infamil to parents choice with iron and i have had no problems at all! i tried 3 different ones but to ansswer your question, it did work along with the gas drops once in awhile

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    If you baby has colic or gas, try this. Mix up a whole days bottles the night before. Letting them sit overnight in the fridge MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!!

    TRY IT!

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    I have not tried that one, but they switched my daughter to ProSobee for gas, it made a HUGE difference for the good.

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    no but they switched my daughter to soy because she was really gassy and it worked fine. after a couple months she switched back

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