did cleopatra create the first kiss? if not, who?

i heard of this b4, but i wasnt sure..is it?

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    Adam kissed Eve.

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    So who invented kissing? Anthropologists think kissing's origins are to be found in primitive times when mothers chewed food and transferred it directly from their mouths to their babies' mouths, a method of preparing baby food that is still practiced in some cultures today. Another theory comes from the Ziller Valley of Central Europe where pre-chewed tobacco was exchanged between males and females. The man would hold a piece of tobacco between his teeth and invite a girl to grasp it with her teeth which would cause her to press her mouth on his.

    Perhaps the origins of kissing came from another source. Indications are from as early as 2000 B.C., various cultures believed that bringing the mouths together signified the joining of two souls.

    According to one anthropologist, Vaughn Bryant, Jr., the first erotic kiss was exchanged in about 1500 B.C. in India. Prior to that no clay tablets, cave paintings or written records say anything about kissing.

    Kissing is frequently shown in Egyptian art. Scholars believe kissing would have been associated with "giving life" in the ancient Egyptian culture.

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    No of course she didn't create the first kiss! No one knows who 'created' the first kiss, but it certainly was VERY VERY early on after Adam and Eve, or else we wouldn't have survived. It might have been Adam and Eve.

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    I imagined it was way before her. Maybe it's instict! Like who discovered the uh-oh goes in the no-no?

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    ~Actually, Cleo is credited with being the one to coin the expression, "kiss my asp".

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