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I blackbook(graffiti on paper) and i ran out of things to write. Can u give me a list of words?

so basically i need words that will look good when done in graffiti form on paper.

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    Go to and type in a really generic word you use like "sad" or "happy" or "good" and it will give you a crazy long list of words. Have FUN!

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    I thought these days graffiti is meant to carry some message which many people can read

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    Check out the Paul McCartney CD he released last year. His name is written one way, yet you can read it the same - upside down. Try doing that to the already existing talent you have, and using the same words you have been using.

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    I love random word generators, easily found online by googling "random word generator" ..... I've put a link (below) to one that allows you to choose what type of word and how common or uncommon a word you want.

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    Explore Latin. The language is one of the beautiful sounding (hence its use in the Catholic Mass and in much choral music) and many English words have latin roots and may sound "familiar."

    Good Luck!

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    May I make a correction you added words to a green day song ,sorry. haha. But heres mine.. Its more of a really bad play script. ( Wednesday is a hopeless romantic) ( Grumpy is a grouch) ( Lorci .is Wednesdays date) Wednesday is about to go on a blind date with Lorci in the mean time he talks to Grumpy. Wednesday: " I believe in a thing called love" Grumpy: " Not I" Wednesday: " All you need is love" ( Wednesday's date arrives, and is amazed by the beauty of their date) Lorci: " I am the Walrus" Wednesday: " We can Work it Out" Lorci: " Wow, I can get Sexual too" Wednesday: " Whoa" Wednesday: " Take it Off" Grumpy : Stop it! ( Grumpy Pulls Wednesday aside) Grumpy: Why Do you Want Him? Grumpy: "I Want you" Wednesday: " Could you be Loved?" Grumpy: "I want you to want me" Wednesday: " I'm a Fake" Wednesday: " And I love her" ( Lorci) Grumpy: " Dammit" Grumpy: " I love you and Goodbye" The Darkness, Demon Hunter, The Beatles, Say Anything, Paramore, The Donna's, The Almost, Green Day, Bob Marley, Cheap Trick, The Used, Blink 182, Bring me the Horizon... haha this took me sooo long...and it sucks.

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    um i dont know if i can really help you because i dont know what words you did already but u can try doing diffrent tag names or the city or state you live in but honestly i havent a clue good luck tho

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    wind, well thats all i write and scribble, what are you into? latin does seem as a good source, or can try to adjust arabic into the style, those caligraphic strokes are quite diffcult to convert into well drown letters

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    try BAZOOKA its good word when done in graffiti

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    i'm a writer but i can't answer this one!

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