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would a H.S.S. (high speed steel) drill-bit drill effectivly through a pair of ski's?

Would a H.S.S. (high speed steel) drill-bit drill effectivly through a pair of ski's or would the drill bit be damaged?


for those who are wondering, i want to drill the holes so i can attach it to a sleigh im building

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    yes a H.S.S. bit will work just fine on a ski it want hurt the bit

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    Even if you have a diamond tiped drill bit, after going through epoxy fiber glass material, it will dull to a point it isn't usable in several thousand holes.

    The usual carbon steel type will last you several hundred holes. Drill bits are cheap. Just use the regular hardware store kind, and throw them away when they become useless.

  • Gerald
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    I have no idea why ya want to drill holes in your ski's. Except to make them lighter. Snow ski is fiberglass and aluminum. Good choice knock your self out.

  • Nick F
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    HSS will work fine for a ski, if you are drilling large numbers use carbide or diamond tipped or just periodically sharpen the HSS drill (easy).

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  • Yoho
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    Everyone already answered but...Don't breath the dust when you drill if you don't want cancer :)

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