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celebrities dating?

would they ever date normal people?

i mean like people who arent famous?

or do celebs always go for the other famous?

would a normal person ever have a chance with a celeb?

and which ones are dating now these days?

like which celebrity is dating another"?

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  • lwomar
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    there are a couple of celebs dating normal people but for the most part they date people like themselves. I personally would not date a celebrity because of all the publicity, not to mention other women getting in the way. The celebs that are currently dating are: courtney cox and david arquette, jessica simpson and john mayer, jessica alba and cash warren, jessica biel and justin timberlake (rumored), beyonce and jayz, gwen stefani and gavin rossdale, janet jackson and jermaine dupri, and whitney houston and ray j (so sad)

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    I think celebs usually date other famous people, but they should date normal people because their relationships never seem to last!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    there's some motives. One is they see different celebrities very many times because of fact they are on the comparable social point. it is not effortless to ward off different celebrities and that they only have not got the time to locate a non-action picture star thus far. relationship yet another action picture star potential they might the two comprehend what the different is going by way of at circumstances whilst attractiveness provides them issues, etc. Celebrities enormously plenty continually attend comparable issues like awards, premieres, golf equipment, inns, hotels, etc. some action picture star relationships are exposure stunts. One action picture star would be much less in call for than the different and could stay in call for by potential of being everyday and respected (or not) because of fact the female chum/boyfriend of the greater in call for action picture star. the two celebrities would be falling from attractiveness's graces, and occasion to maintain up greater severe profile relationships. it rather is mostly a appropriate hazard for celebrities to apply one yet another. they may well be relationship basically to maintain their attractiveness. money. some celebrities are richer than others, or perhaps however maximum celebrities are rich and delicate adequate in terms of money, some will date yet another action picture star because of fact the different action picture star has extra money. And as quickly as a action picture star starts off relationship somebody who isn't a action picture star, the non-action picture star directly enormously plenty turns right into a action picture star because of fact they benefit attractiveness by potential of being everyday because of fact the companion of the action picture star.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea, celebrities date, non famous people .

    Alot of them,ONLY date non- famous people .

    haha, like christina aguilera . She`s married to a non-famous man .

    Well i guess, he`s a little famous now, but he wasn`t before he got married to her . haha .

    (: So yea, people deff. have chances with non-famous people .

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  • 1 decade ago

    Agreed with Mrs. Jack Sparrow.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a ton of celebreties date regs. (regulars).

    cant think of anyone in particular... my fav celeb couples are

    brad and angelina


    stay fresh.

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