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Anyone who played Dragon quest 8 for PS2?

Does anyone know how to beat the Dragovian trials and what level do you have to be?

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    You can beat the Dragonovian trials at any level really, but the higher the level, the better your chances of survival. I started at around level 40, but had some hard times with later dragons.

    I got through a few rounds of the fight, and usually my tactics were having the Hero build up tension, and using 2 timbrals of tension (Yangus and Angelo) and having someone heal as needed (Gave a Sage stone to Jessica, or had her cast spells to increast power on Hero).

    It is a tricky fight, and the futher along you get, the harder it is.

    I have read an easy way to beat them is level WAY up to 65 for the Hero. He will learn a very powerful spell that makes these trials easy. You would want to look for King Metals and Metal Babbles if you want to go that high, as it is very high EXP to do that.

    This is an excellent walthrough for the trials:

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    I haven't gotten that far in the game but try going to this site....

    They have walkthroughs for Dragon Quest and other games.

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