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HOW DO i GET STUPID MUSIC ON TO MY STUPID PHONE!! please read and help.?


i am getting very very mad at this.

i bought a card for my verizon phone and i

CANT get music on to it!!

how do i do that?

pleaseeee help me!

i have the red Vcast phone and this card is really getting on my nerves.

please tell me how to get music onto the card

and if i can also put picktures from the internet onto my card.




im sorry but what you are writing isnt making any scence to me.

and i bought sd card at the verizon store and it came with NO directions!!

how crazyy!!

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    well if you can't find directions in the manual that came with your phone, another options is to buy an sd card reader at walmart of best buy and insert the memory card into the reader and directly copy the files onto the card from your computer.

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    do u have a usb for it.....if u do hook it up 2 ur comp then something should pop up and u drag the music onto it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    read the manual it helped me

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