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manic panic hair dye?

i have like really dark brown hair. i want to dye my hair using manic panic. i wanna use either electric sky blue or vampire red. will it show up in my hair?


i dont wanna bleach it. i want semi-permanent dye. i have school in 8 weeks. i dont wanna go back w/ bleached hair.

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    let me tell you as a faithful manic panic user...i used after midnight blue, and a couple of other blues as well as black. it will not show up unless you have previously lightened your needs to be lightened enough for the color to deposit. it might tint your hair but you wont have a significant amount of color to really be pleased. go to your nearest beauty college and either ask questions about it or have them do it for the first lightening then color. i have bleached and blued my hair for the past 6 years. the electric sky blue was my first color and i wasnt pleased. it barely showed up after bleaching and it looked like a cotton ball mess. lol anyway, good luck.

    p.s. manic panic bleeds really fades like no other

    Source(s): myself and beauty college
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    You'll have to use a volume 30 or a volume 20 along with it to get the best color. I use vampire red for my roots, along with a volume 30 and it always turns out fine (and I have dark hair).

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    yes, it will prolly show a test strand to see how it comes out, and if it does not show up than you can either bleech your hair first or try to lighten it w lemon highlights or try another brand....special effects works pretty good too, you can buy it at hot topic

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    i think if you bleach it first and thennn dye it. if you use red on dark brown hair it makes it look burgundy.

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    Not unless you bleach it first =(

    And manic panic doesn't work well, it's ****.

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    the red will faintly but if you want it to be bright and bold you will have to bleach it first

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